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Headache Horizons: Attack of the TACs!

Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias can be vexing—difficult to recognize and hard to treat.

Peter McAllister, MD


Headache Highlights: From Killer to Cure—Botulinum Toxin as Therapy Turns 30

Botulinum toxin, once known as the sausage poison, has 30th birthday as therapy.

Peter McAllister, MD

Headache Horizons: Headache in the CGRP Era

There are knowns, unknowns, and bogeymen.

Peter McAllister, MD

Headache Horizons: Done by Hand

Chiropractics, the headache patient, and the lost art of touch.

Peter McAllister, MD

Headache Horizons: Tuning in to Psychedelics for Treatment of Suicide Headaches

Neurologists need to understand the phenomenon of using psychedelic drugs for cluster-busting and advocate for appropriate research.

Peter McAllister, MD

Headache Horizons

What We Talk About When We Talk About Headache

The stigma associated with words headache and migraine carries over to those stricken in a way that no other neurologic condition does.

Peter McAllister, MD

Spotlight Topic: Practice Management

Going Off the Grid to a Noninsurance-Based Practice

A personal journey of surviving and thriving.

Peter McAllister, MD; and Angelo Termine, MSM, MBA

Headache Horizons

We Are All Headache Specialists

Erenumab approval heralds a new era in headache medicine.

Peter McAllister, MD

Medical Editor's Page

A Banner Year in Headache Medicine

Peter McAllister, MD

Monoclonal Antibodies and Migraine: What the Neurologist Needs to Know

As a new age in headache medicine is set to begin, it is incumbent upon neurologists to become better familiarized with and explore the implications of monoclonal antibodies in patient care.

Peter McAllister, MD

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