Video-Case Report: Progressive Neuropathy With Cerebellar Ataxia

Investigation of antibody titers is essential for patients who have neuropathy with cerebellar ataxia and do not respond to IVIG treatment.

By Asseel Albayati, MD; Safa AlJammali, MD; Mohammed AlKhero, MD; and Aziz Shaibani, MD


Clinical Presentation

A woman, age 28, presented with inability to stand from a chair and frequent falls that were preceded a month earlier by acute numbness in her feet. She had muscle pain, cramping, hoarseness, slurred speech, double vision, poor coordination, and fatigue. On physical examination, she had hand tremor, sensory ataxia, moderate proximal and distal limb weakness, and diffuse areflexia (Video). Impaired tandem gait was also observed. See More.