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Sleep & Elite Athletic Performance

Elite athletes commonly have sleep disturbances and poor sleep quality made worse by the environmental demands of athletics.

Scott Kutscher, MD

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Headache Horizons: Headache in the CGRP Era

There are knowns, unknowns, and bogeymen.

Peter McAllister, MD


Sleep & Medical Training

“If sleep doesn't serve an absolutely vital function, it is the greatest mistake evolution ever made.”—Allan Rechschaffen, University of Chicago

Mike Howell, MD, FAAN, FAASM

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A Neurologist Goes to Business School

How I addressed a relative lack of training in practice management and business aspects of providing health care to better help the patients I serve.

Eddie Patton, Jr, MD, MBA, MS

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Hometown Highlights: CGRP-Related Treatments for Headache

Stephen D. Silberstein, MD

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Headache Horizons: Done by Hand

Chiropractics, the headache patient, and the lost art of touch.

Peter McAllister, MD

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Healthy Cognitive Aging

There are evidence-based tools for staying sharp throughout the lifespan.

Brian K. Lebowitz, PhD, ABPP-CN; Elizabeth Londen, PhD; and Thomas Preston, PhD, ABPP-CN

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Seeking Breakthroughs: The Physician Perspective

A roundtable discussion with Claudia A. Chiriboga, MD, MPH; Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, ScD; and Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD

Claudia A. Chiriboga, MD, MPH; Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, ScD; and Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD

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Seeking Breakthroughs: The Startup Perspective

A roundtable discussion with Chase Spurlock, PhD, IQuity; Michal Izrael, PhD, Kadimastem Ltd; Kevin Hrusovsky, Quanterix; and J. Michael Ryan, MD, Rodin Therapeutics

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Neurologists Wanted!

A recently graduated resident and new professor recommends ways to attract medical students to the specialty of neurology.

Rachel Gottlieb-Smith, MD

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Headache Horizons

What We Talk About When We Talk About Headache

The stigma associated with words headache and migraine carries over to those stricken in a way that no other neurologic condition does.

Peter McAllister, MD

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Sleep Disorders in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Identifying and treating sleep problems can help optimize the well-being and function of patients with multiple sclerosis.

Tiffany J. Braley, MD, MS

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Fatigue in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Treating fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis may significantly improve quality of life and requires a high index of suspicion for coexisting sleep disorders.

Jonathan L. Carter, MD

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Headache Horizons

We Are All Headache Specialists

Erenumab approval heralds a new era in headache medicine.

Peter McAllister, MD

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Stigma of Alzheimer's Disease Dementia

Clinicians can address the challenges of stigma in routine clinical practice.

Shana D. Stites, PsyD, MS, MA; and Jason Karlawish, MD

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Clinical Management of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

The central theme is supportive care aimed at improving quality of life.

Riddhi Patira, MD; and Sanjeev Vaishnavi, MD, PhD

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The Evolving Role of Neurologists in PFO Closure

How neurology plays a central role in determining cause and treatment of stroke.

Scott E. Kasner, MD

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