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Case Report: Complete Spinal Cord Injury

Emergency surgical cord decompression before functional paralysis can preserve function after spinal cord injury.

Reginald Lafleur, MD; Melissa Lafleur, MD; Steven Mandel, MD; and Jason A. Ellis, MD

Case Reports

Case Report: Hemichorea in a Woman With Diabetes

Nonketotic hyperglycemic hemiballism-hemichorea can present radiographically before clinical symptoms are seen.

Erin Fiedler, DO; and José Biller, MD, FAAN, FACP, FAHA

Case Reports

Challenge Case Report: Subacute Cognitive Decline

Margaret Yu, MD; Christian Sikorski, MD; Craig M. Horbinski, MD; and Rimas V. Lukas, MD

Case Report

Early Clinically Unsuspected Alzheimer’s Disease

Biomarkers can be important tools for diagnosis.

Georgette A. Khoury, MSN, APRN-BC; and Ira J. Goodman, MD

Case Report

Case Report: New-Onset Headache With Tinnitus and Orthostatic Dizziness

All headaches require a full workup for secondary causes.

Ryan P. Coburn

Case Report

Case Report: Hemiparkinsonism in a Patient With Multiple Sclerosis

In this case, there was a causal relationship between comorbid diseases.

Andrea P. Lee, MD; Giulietta M. Riboldi, MD; Ilya Kister, MD; Jonathan E. Howard, MD; and Ritesh A. Ramdhani, MD

Case Report

Case Report: Cyclophosphamide as Rescue Agent in Myasthenic Crisis

When patients are refractory to first-line treatments for myasthenic crisis, cyclophosphamide may have benefits and warrants further study.

Daniel L. Menkes, MD; and Amanda E. Simon, BS

Case Report

Case Report: A Woman with Tinnitus and Tongue Atrophy

Glomus tumors, the great masquerader, have variable presentation and multiple treatment options.

John A. Boockvar, MD; Jason A. Ellis, MD; David J. Langer, MD; Steven Mandel, MD; Rafael A. Ortiz, MD; Asif Rahman; and Tejaswi D. Sudhakar

Case Report

Case Challenge: Behavior Changes, Seizures, and Hyponatremia

Extensive workup is necessary when evaluating individuals with seizures and behavioral changes.

Elena Grebenciucova, MD

Case Report

Case Report: Longitudinally Extensive Transverse Myelitis

The borderline of neuromyelitis optica and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Ylec Mariana Cardenas, MD; Lakshmi Leishangthem, MD; Aparna Prabhu, MD; David Roby, MD; Pooja SirDeshpande, MD; and Saman Zafar, MD

Case Report

Challenge Case Report: A Woman With a Large Dural-Based Lesion

Javed Khader Eliyas, MD; Rimas V. Lukas, MD; and Karen S. SantaCruz, MD

Case Report

Persistent Idiopathic Isolated Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy

Could this rare condition be related to vascular compression?

Dennis Keselman; Steven Mandel, MD; Eric A. Nelson; and Aron Z. Pollack, MD

Case Report

Vasculitis Presenting as a Hypertensive Crisis With Back Pain

Because laboratory and imaging studies may not be sensitive enough to detect central nervous system vasculitis, maintain a low threshold for further evaluation when clinical suspicion is high.

Julia Blanter, MD; Michael Colin, MD; Asaff Harel, MD, MSc; Peter Sayegh, MD; Elizabeth Sharp, MD; and Jared Steinklein MD

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