Virtual Scottsdale Headache Symposium Starts Tomorrow!

The American Headache Society's educational meeting launches online tomorrow, November 21, 2020, at 9 AM Pacific time and there is still time to register. The virtual meeting will include LIVE sessions updating the audience on core topics in headache including diagnosis, epidemiology, acute and preventive migraine treatment, and cluster headache. A plenary on vascular controversies in migraine will cover use of new medications in people with cardiovascular risks, migraine and stroke risk, and coadministration of hormones with migraine treatment. 

On-demand prerecorded sessions become available cover interventional treatments, use of cannabis for headache disorders, treating refractory headache, the role of inflammation in headache, therapies in development and much more. The on-demand aspect of these events allows clinicians to learn at leisure. Poster presentations and the women's health plenary will also be available on demand at 9 AM Pacific time on November 21st. 

Following the meeting, on Saturday evening, and other nights over the next 2 weeks, networking events will be held online, giving headache specialists the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and discuss the material presented in informal relaxed setting. 

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