Parkinson's Foundation Launches “Newly Diagnosed” National Program

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The Parkinson's Foundation today announced the launch of Newly Diagnosed: Building a Better Life with Parkinson's Disease, a new campaign designed to aid people who have just received a PD diagnosis with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to navigate life with Parkinson's disease (PD).

The Newly Diagnosed campaign is the first national campaign launched to specifically target the needs and priorities for people newly diagnosed with PD. With a focus on reaching the 60,000 people who are newly diagnosed each year in the US, the program aims to close the gap between diagnosis and knowing where and how to find the right information and resources to live better with PD.

The Parkinson's Foundation conducted a survey to better understand the needs and priorities of the newly diagnosed. 

Based on the survey, the campaign includes: 

  • Educational programs that focus on care and research 
  • A newly diagnosed kit available for order or download
  • Funding for community grants that help the newly diagnosed 
  • Digital resources 
  • Topical podcasts 
  • An online community for peer-to-peer connections that will launch later this year

"In an effort to help provide better outcomes from the beginning of their journey, the Parkinson's Foundation is wholeheartedly committed to connecting sooner with those facing a life-changing diagnosis," said John L. Lehr, president and chief executive officer of the Parkinson's Foundation. "Our goal is to empower everyone new to our community to build a better life with Parkinson's from day one while addressing their unmet needs." 

Nearly half of the people diagnosed with Parkinson's leave the doctor's office following a diagnosis without educational resources or information on what the future holds. The Parkinson's Foundation aims to connect with this group earlier and more frequently to provide ongoing support to the newly diagnosed person throughout their entire journey with PD. 

"Early in my diagnosis with Young Onset Parkinson's, I realized that I couldn't find all of the answers I was looking for," said Christina Korines, diagnosed with Parkinson's at 33 years old. "I needed a partner to help me navigate my diagnosis and the Parkinson's Foundation is the go-to partner for anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's, especially the newly diagnosed." 

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