New Social Networking Platform for the Multiple Sclerosis Community

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A new free anonymous AI-powered social networking and navigation platform, BelongMS (Belong.Life, New York, NY), has been launched for individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS), caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The app can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

The new app follows the success of a global social networking and navigation app for cancer management, the largest platform of its kind. The app utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms and domain expertise to provide hyperpersonalized information to support individuals throughout the MS journey, while uncovering new insights into patient journeys. This includes support groups and direct access to medical professionals, including neurologists, radiologists, urologists, and others who can answer questions. The app also provides useful tools including a medical binder manager to store and organize medical records in one place, with the option to share them securely and privately with family members or physicians. A clinical matching trial feature is available as well, utilizing natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze all available trials around the globe to match individuals within 2 weeks, on average.

"We are leveraging our market-proven experience in patient engagement, backed by disruptive technology, to provide effective support for patients across the healthcare continuum," said cofounder and chief executive officer of Belong.Life, Eliran Malki." People who receive challenging diagnoses need to make critical decisions and have access to the relevant data and support they need. Belong is providing a unique comprehensive support and management solution where patients can share and learn from their peers, connect with professionals, and better navigate their unique journey all on one app." 

BelongMS was initially launched in Israel, with 1 in 4 local individuals with MS now engaging with the app. The app will now be available globally.

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