FDA-Cleared Mobile Brain Assessment Tool for Pre-Sport Cognitive Measurement 

  • FDA Clearance
  • TBI
  • traumatic brain injury

The University of Buffalo is partnering with the manufacturer of a cognitive measurement application (EQ Elite, Highmark Interactive I, Toronto, Canada) to provide ongoing brain assessment of student-athletes across several areas of neurologic function. 

Neurologic testing in sports typically has been limited by the need to provide rapid assessment against baseline measures that are typically brief and measure only 1 or 2 cognitive domains. In contrast, this gamified application assesses cognition, vision, and balance simultaneously. The tool is designed to give top-level athletes and athletic programs a medical-grade digital tool for brain assessment.  

Using a mobile phone or tablet, the games provide objective data that the athletes, medical teams, and team physicians can assess in real time as part of head injury protocols, psychological health, and performance optimization.

The University of Buffalo will begin the assessments with its student-athletes prior to the upcoming fall sports season.

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Zehra Farzal, MD; Guillaume Lamotte MD, MSc; Elizabeth Mundel, MD; Laxman B. Bahroo, DO; and Fernando L. Pagan, MD