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Neuromuscular Notes: Autoantibodies in Immune Myopathies

Antibody testing results provide clinically useful information.

Emer R. McGrath, MB, PhD


Neuromuscular Notes: Genetics of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Genetic discovery and the promise of gene therapy create hope for effective treatments and eventual prevention.

Katharine Nicholson, MD

Guest Medical Editor's Page

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep has a critical role in brain health and is an essential part of improving neurologic care for all of our patients.

Logan Schneider, MD

Case Report

Case Report: Cyclophosphamide as Rescue Agent in Myasthenic Crisis

When patients are refractory to first-line treatments for myasthenic crisis, cyclophosphamide may have benefits and warrants further study.

Daniel L. Menkes, MD; and Amanda E. Simon, BS


Hometown Highlights: Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes

With careful diagnosis, treatment can improve symptoms of congenital myasthenic syndromes.

Andrew G. Engel, MD

Special Report

2018 Drug and Device Approvals for Neurology

Spotlight Topic: Neuropsychiatry

Cognitive Complaints and Neuropsychologic Testing

When should neuropsychologic tests be ordered and what questions should testing answer?

Nabil Ali, MD; Laura M. Clark, PhD, ABPP; and Kendra Corning, PsyD, HSPP

Video-Case Report: Progressive Neuropathy With Cerebellar Ataxia

Investigation of antibody titers is essential for patients who have neuropathy with cerebellar ataxia and do not respond to IVIG treatment.

Asseel Albayati, MD; Safa AlJammali, MD; Mohammed AlKhero, MD; and Aziz Shaibani, MD

Cover Focus: Technology & Wellness

Treating Stress to Improve Neurologic Outcomes

Research on the interaction between hormones and seizures supports the importance of helping patients manage stress.

Riley Bove, MD, MMSc; and Graham R. Huesmann, MD, PhD


Hometown Highlights: Clinical Experience Treating Adults With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Treating adult patients with antisense oligonucleotide therapy proven effective in children presents unique challenges.

Lauren Elman, MD

Moving the Mouse With the Mind

Braingate technology allows patients with tetrapalegia to move a computer cursor by thinking about it.

Leigh R. Hochberg, MD, PhD

Healthy Cognitive Aging

There are evidence-based tools for staying sharp throughout the lifespan.

Brian K. Lebowitz, PhD, ABPP-CN; Elizabeth Londen, PhD; and Thomas Preston, PhD, ABPP-CN

Guest Medical Editor's Page

Wellness and Neurology

There is clear evidence for promoting wellness practices to all patients with neurologic disorders.

Patricia K. Coyle, MD, FAAN, FANA


Hometown Highlights: Introducing Hometown Highlights

In this new column, we feature content from presenters at the 2018-2019 Philadelphia Neurological Society meetings.

Stephen M. Gollomp, MD

Case Report

Persistent Idiopathic Isolated Hypoglossal Nerve Palsy

Could this rare condition be related to vascular compression?

Dennis Keselman; Steven Mandel, MD; Eric A. Nelson; and Aron Z. Pollack, MD

Seeking Breakthroughs: The Physician Perspective

A roundtable discussion with Claudia A. Chiriboga, MD, MPH; Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, ScD; and Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD

Claudia A. Chiriboga, MD, MPH; Jeffrey L. Cummings, MD, ScD; and Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD

Spotlight Topic: Pain

From Piriformis Syndrome to Deep Gluteal Syndrome

Once an uncommon controversial diagnosis, piriformis syndrome is now understood as a sciatic nerve entrapment neuropathy.

Stuart B. Black, MD, FAAN

When to Refer Patients With Pain for EMG

Carefully weigh the cost to patient in time, money, and possible pain against diagnostic benefits before referring for an EMG.

Shivkumar C. Bhadola; and Kate M. Daniello, MD

Neurologists Wanted!

A recently graduated resident and new professor recommends ways to attract medical students to the specialty of neurology.

Rachel Gottlieb-Smith, MD

Seeking Breakthroughs: The Startup Perspective

A roundtable discussion with Chase Spurlock, PhD, IQuity; Michal Izrael, PhD, Kadimastem Ltd; Kevin Hrusovsky, Quanterix; and J. Michael Ryan, MD, Rodin Therapeutics

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