My art is born from my chronic migraines. When a migraine comes on, along with the pain and pressure, colors and shapes flood my mind in fluid poetry. Frequently, I paint through a migraine, but when I can’t, I can recall the imagery at a later time, and commit that to canvas.

Each piece I create evolves from a meditative and mindful process, wherein I become one with my art. Along with the painting, the title emerges too, offering a glimpse into my thought process and state of mind at the time. Often, completing a painting acts as a release, and reminds me that my mind can do more than just process pain; it can transform pain into beauty.

Although my art is born of the pain, it’s shaped by the narrative that I’ve crafted my whole life. As a highly visual person, I’ve always been sensitive to color, patterns, and textures. My education, art training, and life experiences have only further enhanced these visual traits.

Even though I wouldn’t call my paintings portraits, I think that all of my works are self-portraits in a way. My art is part of me and I am part of my art.

Passionate about spreading the message of engaging in creativity when dealing with chronic pain/stress, Priya Rama has done Doctoral Studies in Arts Administration, Education and Policy at The Ohio State University, has an MA in Visual Arts Education from University of Cincinnati, and a BFA in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Priya has exhibited nationally and internationally, taught extensively, presented and published nationally, and has work in private and corporate collections. Her portfolio can be viewed at