I loved to play in mud as a child, and that has not changed, except that mud has been replaced by paint. Technically, I am self-taught, but no one truly is; we all draw inspiration from the world that surrounds us. My childhood was filled with animals, the outdoors ,and a mother who did not believe in store-bought toys. Imaginative play and creative exploration were always part of my world.

My current work is colorful, playful, and often layered with images. Often, it can be a painting over parts of another painting creating a story within a story. I usually do not start with a drawing because I find it frustrating to draw. I start with something I want to express or something as simple as colors I want to explore. Often though, the direction I wanted to go is rerouted by the canvas. Although change is a gamble, sometimes it works, and you always come out learning. At times you end up with an exceptional piece of art.

In my work, spheres represent nature, and squares humanity. The presence of both expresses my belief that we are intricately and infinitely connected with one another. I am inspired by a quote by Blaise Pascal, “Nature is an infinite sphere; whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”

The best advice I ever received as an artist, was from an illustrator friend who watched me getting frustrated with my inability to control the direction of my pencil. She grabbed my hands, looked me in the eyes and said, “Embrace where you are and celebrate the lines that God has given you in your work.” She was right.

I never imagined my artwork would be in so many places outside my and family’s and friends’ homes. The greatest satisfaction is knowing you have made a connection. How true it is that when one door closes, another opens, especially if you keep your heart available. I cannot imagine my life without art, its gloriously fun processes, and remarkable ability to help heal. It has been my lifeline many times, and I intend to continue celebrating the gift of artistic expression as long as I can.

View Kathy’s art at https://www.kathyqparks.com