For people with prescribed respiratory devices to adhere to treatment.

- Susan Metcalfe, RRT
Respiratory Care Provider
Stanford, CA

Making the commitment to protecting good sleep for themselves.

- Lisa Mertens, ARNP
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA

Maintaining regular times for going to sleep and awakening.

- Maryam Maghsoudipour, MD
San Diego, CA

Removing electronics from the bedside and practicing stress management.

- Julie Allen, ARNP
Searcy Medical Center
Searcy, AR

Limiting light exposure at bedtime.

- Ratza Khan, MD
Valley Baptist Medical Center
Horlingen, TX

Cell phone hygiene.

- Ed Owens, MD
Beacon Hospital
Dublin, IL

Turning off devices!

- Jennifer Accardo, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Consistency and lack of day-to-day routine. There are factors we can control and factors we can’t. Managing the variability of our days makes achieving the sleep-wake consistency we need challenging, and addiction to anything whether it is devices, TV shows, or substances can make this worse.

- Logan Schneider, MD
Clinical Instructor
Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine
Stanford, CA