The artwork on the cover and here were created by artist Tracy Ellyn, who is an epilepsy patient and whose late son also had epilepsy. As an artist, Tracy believes that visual artwork can explain an experience better than words and medical testing. She transforms her occipital experiences into fine-art pieces that are not only cathartic, but also advocate for the fields of neurology and epilepsy.

Epilepsy 23. Watercolor and mixed media. By Tracy Ellyn. ©2017-2018; all rights reserved.

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Epilepsy 23. Watercolor and mixed media. By Tracy Ellyn. ©2017-2018; all rights reserved.

Long before using her seizure experiences in her art, Tracy was an award-winning artist and designer from Miami and New York City who always believed in the healing power of the arts. Her work can be seen in permanent collections at Sylvester Cancer Center, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center, South Miami Hospital, private medical offices, and private collections. Soon it will also be permanently installed in an epilepsy department in Jerusalem, to be announced.

Research has demonstrated that art in medical venues helps lower blood pressure, improve vital signs, reduce pain and the need for pain medications, enhance soul searching, shorten hospital stays, and so much more.

Tracy’s unique style is created from multiple layers of painting, drawing, glass, optical coherence tomography scans (OCTs, as on the cover) and various other mixed media, embedded into thin metal. For more information on Tracy Ellyn’s art and professional publications or to contact her, please visit

Cover: Epilepsy 4. Glass, eye OCT xrays, and dyes. By Tracy Ellyn© 2017-2018; all rights reserved.