Elizabeth Jameson is a former public interest lawyer and an artist who specializes in the intersection of art and science. She creates, using her own brain scans that monitor the course of her multiple sclerosis, to explore the imperfect brain. She uses her art practice to reinterpret these frightening yet mesmerizing images. By examining medical images in a different context, her work invites viewers to face their own medical data and to integrate these images as a part of their identity, something to look directly at rather than shy away from. Her work is shown internationally, and she frequently lectures on the narrative of chronic illness to the medical and scientific community.

As her disease progresses, her practice continues to evolve. She is now writing op-ed articles about her personal experiences with illness. She is also working on a project aimed at transforming the untapped potential of time spent in waiting rooms of clinics throughout the country. Her aim is to combat the isolation of the waiting room, intended to be a place of interaction among patients and providers. She is also recording a series of podcasts called, Chronically Curious, to be released in late 2018.

Elizabeth Jameson’s work can be viewed at https://jamesonfineart.com.