Trailer for NFL Concussion Film Debuts

Columbia Pictures recently released the trailer for Concussion, a new film examining concussions in American football. Starring Will Smith and Alec Baldwin, the film chronicles forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu’s discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in football players’ brains. The movie is set for release this December.

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Oliver Sacks Remembered

Following the death of Oliver Sacks in August, various media sources offered tribute to the famed neurologist’s life and career. Many accounts focused on Dr. Sacks’ work on individuals with unusual brain disorders, as well as his experimentation with recreational drugs.

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“While I’ve always wanted to get people’s stories, I also like to know what’s going on in the brain, and how this wonderful two or three pounds of stuff in the head is able to underlie our imagination, underlie our soul, our individuality.”

—Oliver Sacks

Excerpted from Jon Hamilton’s remembrance for National Public Radio (link above).

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