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Tramiprosate Shows Gene-Dose Effect in Alzheimer’s Patients with APOE4

Tuesday, October 25, 2016—New phase 3 findings suggest that the investigational amyloid-targeted agent tramiprosate may particularly effective for patients with ε4 alleles of apolipoprotein E (…

The Cognitive Consequences Of Alcohol Use

Ronald Devere, MD

October 2016—In my experience as director of an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and memory disorders center, it appears that an increasing number of my cognitively impaired patients are dri…

Study Spotlight: Clarifying the Link Between Sleep Disturbance and Cognitive Decline

October 2016—A Q&A with Alberto Rafael Ramos, MD and Clinton Wright, MD

In-Focus: Catching Up to Alzheimer's Disease

July/August 2016—Amyloid-β Peptide May Protect Against Microbial Infection Recent data suggest that amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) may play a protective role in innate immunity and t…

A Primer in Neuropsychological Assessment for Dementia

Katya Rascovsky, PhD

July/August 2016—Neuropsychological assessments can be extremely useful in the detection, diagnosis, and management of dementia syndromes.

Busy Alzheimer’s Pipeline Offers Hope for Significant Treatment Advances

With Howard Fillit, MD

July/August 2016—One expert explains why Alzheimer’s research and therapeutics are poised for major gains over the next decade.

Imaging Biomarkers: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Road Ahead

With Liana Apostolova, MD

July/August 2016—Over the last several years, significant advances in the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research spectrum have presented clear opportunities in both the diagnosis and manageme…

Neurology in the Media

June 2016—Neurology in the Media NFL Player Donates to Studies Investigating Cannabinoids for Pain and CTE NFL player Eugene Monroe has donated $80,000 to researchers at Johns…


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