Google could launch an effort to keep bad science at bay, ranking sites according to veracity instead of popularity http://t.co/g1uZOnkd8t



Memory and Brain Differences in Former NFL Players Who Lost Consciousness During Concussion

The hippocampus was found to be smaller in 28 former NFL players as compared with a control group of men of similar age and education, according to a new study published onlin…

Cognitive Impairment Predicts Worse Outcome in Heart Failure

Cognitive impairment predicts worse outcome in elderly heart failure patients, reveals research presented at Heart Failure 2015, the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Associ…

Actavis Barred From Pulling Cheaper Alzheimer’s Drug

A federal appeals court ruled Actavis cannot pull its top-selling Alzheimer’s drug Namenda IR from the market in favor of a pricier extended-release version. New York St…

MS May Double the Risk of Dying Early

People with MS may have double the risk of dying early compared to people without MS, with those younger than 59 at a three times higher risk, new research suggests. The study…

Delusions and Hallucinations Occur More Commonly Than Thought

About five percent of the general population will at some point in their lives hear voices or see things others cannot, new research suggests. The study was led by the Univers…

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Open Payments Update: Will More Data + More Errors = More Physician Peril?

An early look at samples from the full 2014 Open Payments records suggests that physicians must be ready to review and dispute their records before they go public.


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