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Preventing Blood Clots in Stroke Patients

Lynn Razzano RN, MSN, ONCC and Michael Wong, JD

July/August 2014—An Interview with Dr. Martin Dennis on the Clots 3 Study

Viewpoints: Assessing Disorders of Consciousness

Andrew M. Goldfine, MD

June 2014—Patients with disorders of consciousness can have a wide range of underlying brain functions and therefore require a detailed, expert exam to ensure accurate diagnosis.

Brain Stimulation and Robotics-Assisted Motor Training: New Frontiers in Physical Therapy?

A Q&A with Dylan Edwards, PhD, PT

May 2014—A new approach may help patients recover from stroke and other neurologic injuries. In part one of a series, a researcher explains the technique.

Non-invasive Tool Monitors Cerebral Blood Flow in Real Time

May 2014—A new tool may provide non-invasive, real-time tracking of cerebral function for early identification of damage.

Comprehensive Stroke Certification What Does Does it Take?

Gabriel A. Vidal, MD and Bethany Jennings, APRN, NP-C

September/October 2013—The Ochsner Medical Center Experience

Research Highlights: Opportunities for Stroke Detection and Prevention

September/October 2012—New findings may help identify patients at highest risk for stroke and help others reduce their risk.

Microwave Radiometry: Potential for Non-invasive Detection of Carotid Artery Disease

Q&A with Professor Elias Siores

September/October 2012—MR is proposed as a safe, convenient, non-invasive method to detect natural electromagnetic radiation from internal tissues, indicating plaque inflammation with potential prognostic clinical implications.

Who's On Call?

Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

June 2009—Faced with decreasing emergency neurological services, some hospitals are spreading neurologists too thin. Their reaction hasn't always been kind.


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