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American Academy of Neurology Call for Uniformity in Brain Death Standards

Thursday, January 03, 2019—Noting that only 1 state, Nevada, has adopted legislation requiring use of medically accepted guidelines for determining brain death, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) i…

Headache Horizons: Done by Hand

Peter McAllister, MD

January 2019—Chiropractics, the headache patient, and the lost art of touch.

Reader Response to: Neurologists wanted!

Sam A. Kabbani, MD, CMD, FAADEP

November/December 2018—In the September 2018 issue, there appeared an article, titled Neurologists Wanted by Dr. Rachel Gottlieb-Smith who, in great detail, presented the diagnosis and possible trea…

Headache Horizons: When the Usual Treatment Doesn’t Satisfy

Ira M. Turner, MD

November/December 2018—Should you provide outpatient infusion when a patient’s usual acute migraine therapy doesn’t work?

The 9 Reasons to Have a Financial Advisor

David B. Mandell, JD, MBA; and Robert G. Peelman, CFP

November/December 2018—Physician-investors tend to underperform without professional investment advice.

Treating Stress to Improve Neurologic Outcomes

Graham R. Huesmann, MD, PhD; and Riley Bove, MD

November/December 2018—Research on the interaction between hormones and seizures supports the importance of helping patients manage stress.

Healthy Cognitive Aging

Elizabeth Londen, PhD; Thomas Preston, PhD, ABBP-CN; and Brian K. Lebowitz, PhD, ABBP-CN

November/December 2018—There are evidence-based tools for staying sharp throughout the lifespan.

Financial Planner: Strategies to Reduce Volatility and Improve Tax Efficiency

Jason M. O’Dell, MS, CWM; and Michael Lewellen, CFP

October 2018— Although many investors believe the primary goal of diversification is to hedge against risk and volatility, another


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