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Research Spotlight: Migraines With and Without Aura

With Jakob M. Hansen, MD, PhD

May 2015—New findings say not to overlook the differences between treating migraine with aura and without.

A Stop Sign for SSRIs and SNRIs?

With Rita Banzi, PhD

May 2015—A new analysis sees no role for the drugs for migraine.

Migraine in Children: Barriers to Care

May 2015—Migraine in children may be under-recognized, even by medical professionals, and pediatric patients may not receive appropriate treatment.

Unilateral Facial Pain: A Sign of Episodic Cluster Headache?

Randolph W. Evans, MD, FAAN

May 2015—Cluster headache is commonly misdiagnosed.

Understanding The Cumulative Effects of Concussion

Francis X. Conidi, DO, MS

May 2015—Effects of CTE range from headaches, dizziness, and behavioral changes to pathology suggestive of AD and PD.

Helmets, Sensors, and More: A Review

Francis X. Conidi, DO, MS

April 2015—From football to bicycle, helmets provide defense against traumatic brain injuries. How good are they?

Post-traumatic Pan-Syringomyelia, Case Report and Review of Literature

Fabian H. Rossi, MD; Welwin Liu, MD; Elisa Marie Rossi; Elizabeth Gonzalez; and Emmanuel Cleto, MD

April 2015—Post-traumatic syringomyelia, a complication associated with severe pain and sensory and motor findings, may start months or years after a spinal cord injury.

Out With the Old, In With (Mostly) the Old

Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

March 2015—Recent changes to the acute migraine guidelines were more subtle than sweeping.


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