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Aches and Trauma: Understanding Post-Traumatic Headache, Part 1 of 2: Diagnosis and Pathophysiology

Francis X. Conidi, DO, MS

July/August 2017—Findings increasingly suggest a pathophysiological link between concussion and headache, with implications for how neurologists approach both conditions.

Functional Weakness and Dysarthria in a 66-Year-Old Man Previously Diagnosed with CIDP

Tapan Abrol, MD and Kathrin LaFaver, MD

June 2017—Functional neurological disorders (FND) are conditions in which patients experience neurological symptoms without a currently known underlying structural or pathophysiological…

In-Focus: Headache and Migraine

May 2017—Vitamin D Deficiency Tied to Headache Decreased vitamin D levels appear to be linked with chronic tension-type headache (CTTH), according to results from a new study. In a …

Monoclonal Antibodies and Migraine: What the Neurologist Needs to Know

Peter McAllister, MD

May 2017—As a new age in headache medicine is set to begin, it is incumbent upon neurologists to become better familiarized with and explore the implications of monoclonal antibodies in patient care.

Non-Invasive Neuromodulation: The Next Step in Migraine Care?

Stewart J. Tepper, MD

May 2017—Neuromodulation devices represent a unique opportunity to patients for effective treatment of migraine in a cost-effective fashion with no significant side effects.

Cluster Headache: History, Mechanisms, and Most Importantly, Treatment Options

Mark J. Burish, MD, PhD

May 2017—The first clear descriptions of cluster headache came from 17th and 18th century Europe, with the first in-depth account from the Dutch physician Nicolas Tulp in 1641, and the…

Small Fiber Neuropathy in Sjogren’s Syndrome: A Review

Anna Chang, BS, Kevin Lazo, DO, Michael Malekan, DO, and Steven Mandel, MD

April 2017—A lack of uniform diagnostic criteria for small fiber neuropathy and Sjogren’s syndrome presents several challenges for treatment.

Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide, Monoclonal Antibodies, and Migraine

Clinton G. Lauritsen, DO and Stephen D. Silberstein, MD

November/December 2016—The recent development of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of migraine may have a significant impact on the field and mark a new chapter in patient care.


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