AHS 2017: Amgen’s CGRP Inhibitor Reduces Migraine Days

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Phase 2 data show that Amgen’s investigational investigational CGRP inhibitor erenumab is effective at preventing migraine in patients experiencing 15 or more migraine days per month. In a study presented at the recent American Headache Society Annual Meeting in Boston, patients treated with erenumab experienced a reduction in monthly migraine days by 6.6, as compared to a 3.5-day reduction in placebo. In addition, days requiring acute pain-relief medications were also significantly reduced in both dosage arms (2.1-day reduction for placebo, compared to 5.4 days for erenumab 70 mg and 4.9 for erenumab 140 mg).

Results from the positive six-month STRIVE study of erenumab 70 mg and 140 mg, and the positive three-month ARISE study of erenumab 70 mg were also presented at the meeting. These data include both primary and secondary endpoints, evaluating the reduction in monthly migraine days and the percentage of patients who responded to erenumab. 

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