Novel Concussion Assessment Technology Wins Research Support from Mayo Clinic

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Neuro Assessment Systems, Inc. and the Mayo clinic are set to collaborate on studying a new system for the assessment of central nervous system (CNS) changes associated with concussion, TBI, aging-related events, and the effectiveness of pharmaceutical agents. The NeuroScreen system is rapid-result, proprietary hardware and automated software system that detects individual brain function differences in order to monitor changes in CNS function that are critical to diagnosis and treatment of a variety of brain health issues. It uses noninvasive electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements to extract event-related potentials (ERPs), which are obtained by repeatedly stimulating the brain with a specific task and measuring the brain's response to obtain a stable measure. This provides a snapshot of how the brain processes information during the task, allowing for the evaluation of multiple brain health issues that were previously undetectable. Subsequent testing allows the system to assess changes in the way the brain is processing the same task and can provide critical information to the physicians about injury and recovery.

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