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Multiple Sclerosis Misdiagnosis

Alexandra Galati, MD; and Marwa Kaisey, MD

February 2019—Accurate diagnosis requires correspondence to typical clinical syndromes, correct interpretation of radiologic and CSF data, and thorough evaluation for mimics.

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Natalizumab Extended-Interval Dosing

David B. Clifford, MD; and John F. Foley, MD

February 2019—Optimism vs caution for using extended-interval dosing to prevent progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.

Emerging Therapies for Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Matthew Tremblay, MD, PhD

February 2019—A number of agents with putative neuroprotective effects have shown promise in recent clinical trials.

Maintaining Ambulation

Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PhD, MCR; and Ylva E. Nilsagård, PT, PhD

February 2019—Physical therapy, exercise, physical activity, and medications adapted to individual needs can all help maintain the ability to walk.

Immunopathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis

Ye Hu, MD; Neeta Garg, MD; and Kottil W. Rammohan, MD

February 2019—Disruption of immune tolerance, inflammation, and blood-brain–barrier breach lead to demyelination and axonal injury.

Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis

Duriel I. Hardy, MD; and Brenda L. Banwell, MD

February 2019—Information from clinical trials in children with MS is furthering understanding and improving treatment options for this rare presentation.

Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders

Michael J. Bradshaw, MD; and Dorlan Kimbrough, MD

February 2019—It is critical to maintain a high index of suspicion for these conditions when evaluating a patient with demyelination to avoid delays in treatment.

Case Challenge: Behavior Changes, Seizures, and Hyponatremia

Elena Grebenciucova, MD

February 2019—Extensive workup is necessary when evaluating individuals with seizures and behavioral changes.


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