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New Evidence Ties Low Vitamin D Levels to Neurological Diseases

September 2015—  New Evidence Ties Low Vitamin D Levels to Neurological Diseases Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with a variety of medical conditions in the last seve…

As Treatment Options Expand, Researchers Continue to Explore the Basis of MS

A Q&A with Moses Rodriguez, MD

November/December 2014—New treatments have emerged and others are expected. What have changes meant for patient care?

Global Outcomes Data and Possible New Therapies in the Huntington’s Pipeline

A Q&A with George Yohrling, PhD and Ed Wild, PhD

November/December 2014—Researchers are focused on patient outcomes on a global scale and join clinicians in the vigil for new drug approvals.

ALS: Demystifying the Role of Genetics in Pathogenesis, Treatment

With Cynthia Bodkin, MD

November/December 2014—The ice bucket challenge may have been this year’s ALS headline story, but research is progressing on gene research.

In The Pipeline: Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier to Fight Tumors

Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

July/August 2014—Researchers have for the first time shown that an oncolytic virus, wild-type reovirus, infects and replicates in brain tumors following intravenous administration. Researchers…

Delayed MS Drugs Awaits Decision at FDA

Q&A with Kate Dawson, MD

May 2014—In March, Biogen learned the FDA would delay its decision on its peginterferon Beta-1a drug, also known as Plegridy, by three months when the agency announced it was extending…

Patients Report Delays in MS Diagnosis, High Interest in Oral Therapy

April 2014—Nationwide survey provides a snapshot of “MS in America.”

The MS Treatment Landscape: MSAA’s 2014 MS Research Update Provides Vital Information to Medical Professionals, Members of the MS Community

Susan Courtney and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

March 2014—New publication compiles the latest developments in MS research.


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