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New Option Now Available for DBS for PD, Tremor

June 2015—FDA this month approved the Brio Neurostimulation System (St. Jude Medical), an implantable deep brain stimulation device, to help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s dis…

Levodopa 2.0: New Strategies to Even Out the Peaks and Valleys

Rachel Dolhun, MD, The Michael J. Fox Foundation

June 2015—An update on the newest pharmacologic options to manage symptoms of PD.

Bring The Noise: Stochastic Vestibular Stimulation

A Q&A with Filip Bergquist, MD, PhD

March 2015—Researchers have shown that a weak electric “noise” can improve balance and motor skills in patients with Parkinson’s.

Dementia with Lewy Bodies: In the News and in the Clinic

Rachel Dolhun, MD

January/February 2015—Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) has been in the news since it was revealed that Robin Williams suffered hallucinations, paranoia and parkinsonism secondary to the condition. D…

Parkinson’s Disease: Disease Modifying Therapies Remain Elusive

November/December 2014—Insights from Zoltan Mari, MD

Global Outcomes Data and Possible New Therapies in the Huntington’s Pipeline

A Q&A with George Yohrling, PhD and Ed Wild, PhD

November/December 2014—Researchers are focused on patient outcomes on a global scale and join clinicians in the vigil for new drug approvals.

Managing Deep Brain Stimulation Patients

Michele Tagliati, MD

October 2014—Why expectations need to be monitored as closely as patients.


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