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Update in Epilepsy Therapeutics

November/December 2015—In addition to comorbid conditions and side effects, cost and availability should factor into therapeutic selection.

Access to Newer AEDs and Specialists are Key to Seizure Control

Beatriz Duque Long

July/August 2015—A new report shows that some patients still lack access to care resources.

Epilepsy Essentials: Reproductive Endocrine Dysfunction in Women with Epilepsy

Michelle Dougherty, MD and Jyoti A. Pillai, MD

July/August 2015—Epilepsy and anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) have complex interactions with hormones and the functioning of the hypothalamic pituitary axis. This complexity can result in reproduc…

Epilepsy Essentials: Epilepsy Genetics: What the General Neurologist Needs To Know

Michelle L. Dougherty, MD and Mitra Assadi, MD

May 2015— More than half of all epilepsy is caused by genetic influences.1 There are three broad categories of epilepsy genetics: single gene disorders responsible for primary epileps…

Emerging Research: Epilepsy and Behavioral/Intellectual Disabilities and the Challenge of SUDEP

April 2015—Researchers shared new findings at the AES meeting this winter.

Seizures and Surgery: From Prophylaxis to Quality of Life

With Kimford J. Meador, MD and Janette Greenhalgh, PhD

April 2015—The impact of epilepsy surgery on Quality of Life cannot be overlooked, while use of prophylactic AEDs remains controversial.

Viewpoints: The Neurology of FDR

Randolph W. Evans, MD

April 2015—Did the only person ever elected to the presidency four times have Guillain-Barré syndrome and epilepsy?

Your Attention, Please: ADHD Linked With Epilepsy

With Alan Ettinger, MD

March 2015—New research shows adult epilepsy patients report ADHD at higher rates than the general public. How does this affect seizure control?


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