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Rescue Therapies for Seizures in the Community Setting

Gustavo S. Silva, MD and Michelle Dougherty, MD

October 2016—With the majority of seizure emergencies occurring outside a medical setting, there is a great need for effective pre-hospital therapies that absorb fast and administer easily.

The Anti-Epileptic Effect of REM Sleep

Marcus C. Ng, MD

October 2016—An emerging theory suggests possible new directions in harnessing the unique ability of REM sleep to prevent seizures.

Epilepsy: In-Focus

September 2016—How to Tailor Individualized Treatment Regimens in Epilepsy Care

Ask the Right Questions: Navigating the Complex Spectrum of AEDs

Jacqueline A. French, MD

September 2016—In the crowded epilepsy treatment landscape, matching the optimum regimen to each individual patient presents several challenges. We are fortunate to have such a deep pool of …

Under the Microscope: Seizure Clusters

With Sheryl R. Haut, MD

September 2016—New research and increased attention are shaping an emerging treatment paradigm.

Pregnancy and Epilepsy: A Guide to Treatment and Risks

With Cynthia Harden, MD

September 2016—Research is offering new paths in the management of women who are or may become pregnant.

New Directions in the Management of Focal Epilepsy

A Q&A with Pavel Klein, MD

September 2016—Over the last several decades, the management of partial-onset epilepsy, or focal epilepsy, has changed dramatically, due in large part to the entrance of so many anti-epilept…

Exploring the Use of Cannabidiol in Epilepsy Management

Abhinav Ohri, MD and Michelle Dougherty, MD

July/August 2016—Existing literature is compelling enough to warrant further studies to determine the safety, efficacy, and benefits of cannabinoids.


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