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New Directions in the Management of Focal Epilepsy

A Q&A with Pavel Klein, MD

September 2016—Over the last several decades, the management of partial-onset epilepsy, or focal epilepsy, has changed dramatically, due in large part to the entrance of so many anti-epilept…

Exploring the Use of Cannabidiol in Epilepsy Management

Abhinav Ohri, MD and Michelle Dougherty, MD

July/August 2016—Existing literature is compelling enough to warrant further studies to determine the safety, efficacy, and benefits of cannabinoids.

Special Report: AAN Annual Meeting: Video Coverage, Study Highlights, and More

May 2016— Last month, thousands of members of the international neurology community convened in Vancouver for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). Practical …

In-Focus: Communication

May 2016—Review Finds Poor Public Understanding of Dementia Findings from a new review indicate that the general public possesses only a fair to moderate knowledge and understanding…

A Plan for Action: How Stronger Patient Communication Can Yield Improved Outcomes in the Treatment of Seizure Clusters

A Q&A with Nancy Santilli, PNP, MN

May 2016—Patients and physicians often think about seizures very differently. In particular, due to some of the limitations of communication between patients and providers, seizure clu…

Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy

Pamela Pojomovksy McDonnell, MD and Michelle Dougherty, MD

March 2016—Dietary therapies remain valuable tools in the neurologist’s arsenal for the treatment of epilepsy.

Update in Epilepsy Therapeutics

November/December 2015—In addition to comorbid conditions and side effects, cost and availability should factor into therapeutic selection.

Access to Newer AEDs and Specialists are Key to Seizure Control

Beatriz Duque Long

July/August 2015—A new report shows that some patients still lack access to care resources.


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