October 2014




In Focus

Inpatient Management of Parkinson’s Disease

As Parkinson’s patients advance through their disease, they are hospitalized more frequently than their age-matched controls.

By Michael J. Soileau, MD and Erin E. Furr-stimming, MD

Managing Deep Brain Stimulation Patients

Why expectations need to be monitored as closely as patients.

By Michele Tagliati, MD

Lance-Adams Syndrome: A Case Report

A rare disorder presenting with myoclonus may be misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, or chorea.

By Dorota Jasinska And Jerzy Boczon



Medical Management of Epilepsy Secondary to Tumor

Strategies for managing a challenging presentation.

By Michelle L. Dougherty, MD

Expert Opinion: Differential Diagnosis of Isolated Elbow Pain and Treatment in Patients with Medial or Lateral Epicondylitis, Part 2

This two-part series reviews the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of elbow pain.

By Madouna Hanna, DO; Kevin Trinh, MD; Gerard Degregoris, III, MD; Pierce Ferriter, MD; Steven Mandel, MD; Steve M. Aydin, DO

Movement Disorders Focus: Empowering Patients by Being a Team Player

By arming patients with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their own care, we can be true teammates on their roster of health care professionals.

By James B. Leverenz, MD

Is Your Financial Advisor Working for You?

Important questions might give you the answer

By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA and Andrew Taylor, CFP®

In the Pipeline: An Infusion of Possibilities: rHIgM22

An intravenous infusion study looks at rHIgM22 as a potential remyelinating agent.

By Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

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